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Non Profit Grants for Safety Equipment

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On November 25, HM Insurance Group provided fifteen non-profit organizations throughout the state of Pennsylvania with grants that would allow those organizations to obtain equipment and workplace additions to improve the safety of workplaces and, consequently, to reduce the number of worker’s compensation claims that come out of these workplaces.

HM Insurance Group is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and protects business and their employees from any financial risks that they might accrue because of health costs. HM Insurance Group provides a portfolio that outlines different health risk solutions for employers and employees. It also provides worker’s compensation and group supplemental health insurance to cover health issues like critical illnesses, accidents, and disability income.

Mike Sullivan, the president and chief operating officer of HM Insurance Group, said that the reason behind the grant creation was because HM is committed to improving workplace safety for employees and to reducing health and safety related financial losses for employers. HM Insurance Group also has a history of giving back to the community, donating to charitable funds like the National Kidney Foundation, Feeding America, and the Fisher House Foundation.

The grant program was developed in 2012 as a way for HM Insurance Group to provide non-profits with a documented safety risk the equipment and workplace accommodations to reduce their safety risk. The grants can be as much as $5000 to implement new safety equipment and accommodations. Some of the improvements that can be implemented include crisis training programs, door lock controls, security equipment, devices to lift patients, new showers in rehabilitation centers, and parking lot repairs, among others.

In Western Pennsylvania, the grant recipients for the HM Insurance Group Worker’s Compensation safety grants were: The ARC of Butler County, the Pauline Auberle Foundation, Beaver County Rehabilitation, Bethlen Communities, the Glade Run Foundation, Green Arc Inc., Life’s Work of Western Pennsylvania, Northern Area Multi Service, and the Partners for Quality Foundation.

In Central Pennsylvania, the recipients were: the Arbutus Park Retirement Community, the Penn Mar Organization, and the United Cerebral Palsy of Camp Hill.

In Eastern Pennsylvania, the recipients were: Millcreek Community Hospital, Supportive Concepts for Families Inc., and the United Disabilities Services

HM Insurance Group hopes that by introducing these new safety measures into these non-profit organizations, it will improve the well-being of the employees and patients and will reduce worker’s compensation claims. Visit for more information.

Compensation for State Trooper

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Earlier this month, on November 4, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court came down with a ruling that ordered worker’s compensation for a state trooper who was involved in a fatal crash on I-81. The crash occurred on November 29, 2006 in the East Pennsboro Township.

Philip Payes, the state trooper involved in the accident, was driving to his night shift at the state police barracks in Newport, Pennsylvania, when a twenty-eight year old woman named Robin Hull drove into his path. The woman, who was from Hampden Township and was reported missing by her family, collided with Payes’ cruiser. Payes, who had been a state trooper for twelve years, tried to get the woman out of the car while simultaneously trying to direct traffic around the accident, but the woman was ultimately pronounced dead at the site of the accident.

Hull had a known mental illness and was seen by witnesses walking along the highway before getting involved in the accident.

Following the accident, Payes filed a worker’s compensation claim, saying that he became “psychologically disabled” following the accident. After initially filing the claim, both the Workers Compensation Appeal Board and the Commonwealth Court ruled that he was not eligible to receive any worker’s compensation benefits. After the accident, Payes did not work for more than a month, and when he did finally return to work, his feelings of anxiousness hurt his ability to perform his police work.


Ultimately, the State Supreme Court ruled in favor of Payes’ claim, saying that the incident was quite a traumatic one, even by the standards of police work. This overturned the rulings of the Appeal Board and the Commonwealth Court, who both said that Payes was not eligible for such benefits because police work is inherently traumatic.

The Supreme Court’s ruling finally brought this case to a close after six years. In the majority opinion, Justice Seamus P. McCaffery noted that this event was not something expected or anticipated in a state trooper’s line of work — that it was “singular” in nature and therefore an exception to the rulings of the Appeal Board and the Commonwealth Court.

The case ruling, however, was not a unanimous decision. Chief Justice Ronald Castille noted that it was a close case, and another justice, J. Michael Eakin, filed a dissenting opinion saying that this event was not abnormal enough to justify giving Payes the benefits.

Payes received both worker’s compensation benefits and unemployment benefits after the Supreme Court’s ruling. For more information about the case, see

Construction worker pinned under asphalt roller critically injured

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A police chief reported that emergency crews are working to extricate a construction worker who was pinned under an asphalt steam roller truck in Pennsylvania.

Doctors from Regional Medical Center of Forbes were called to the scene to treat and also assist on freeing the man who under an asphalt roller Friday morning in Monroeville. This place is located15 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Chief Steven Pascarella of the Monroeville police  told the media that the victim was driving the roller when for unknown reasons; he was no longer able to control it as it rolled onto him. Police said that the vehicle was a steam roller truck for asphalt.

As the police were doing their prelim investigation, they did not give any news of the victim’s condition.

Authorities reported that the injured was airlifted by ambulance helicopter to the Mercy hospital of UPMC. According to the paramedics, the victim was in critical condition and a stroke of fortune that he was immediately rescued from under an asphalt roller in Monroeville late Friday morning.

Officials at the scene told the media that the roller’s hydraulic hose broke. After it took place, the machine went jerking forward.

The man was able to stay on the roller as he kept on steering away from the road and other vehicles.

The vehicle was rolling for over150 prior to its crash; meanwhile, the driver fell on his stomach and became trapped, police reported.

Authorities found him under the roller but he was conscious and was able to talk to the emergency crew while they were rescuing him. He was transported to the Mercy Hospital.

Officials said that he sustained severe trauma on the head and lost lots of blood.

The victim who was not yet identified was connected with the Suit-Kote as a roller operator, officials stated.

Police confirmed last Friday a construction worker lost control of the asphalt roller he was driving, fell off it and was run over. He was pinned underneath but was later extricated by the emergency crew and airlifted by ambulance helicopter to a hospital.

Steven Pascarella who is Chief of the Monroeville police said that the reason why he fell was that he was no longer able to control the huge vehicle while he was behind the wheels in Monroeville, about a few miles east of Pittsburgh.

Officials at the site believed that the hose of the hydraulic on the roller must have snapped and caused the roller to jerk forward.

The man was trying to pull over the asphalt roller truck away from the road. But as he was pulling it over, it snagged and threw him off as he landed on his stomach. The machine then ran over and trapped him underneath.

Doctors were called to the scene and assisted free the man, who they later delivered to a hospitalized in critical condition.

The victim was an employee of the Cortland, N.Y that was a based asphalt products manufacturer Suit-Kote Corp. He sustained severe trauma of the head and blood loss. The company stated that he will undergo a surgery.

Company spokesperson, Brian Renne said that they are sad that the accident occurred and they are praying for the victim and his family to go through this hard time.

Accident victims have rights. You may be eligible for compensation for your injuries, wage loss and medical bills. Contact an experienced workers comp lawyer now for a free consultation.

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